Origo Group

Origo Group was founded in 2017 and consists of 5 former research companies. Today, the company is one of Sweden's leading full service companies in market research. Origo Group's goal is to become the largest analyst and data collection company in the Nordics, and a thought leader in category.

However, the category is complex and competition is strong. It's a mature category that has grown with new technical opportunities and increased customer demand. The category has a very traditional and generic presentation.

To stand out is therefore neccesary to drive the category and create real attraction. The solution lies in finding the balance between the sophisticated and disruptive in category – presentation is differentiation.

My mission was to develop Origo Group's Brand Platform and exemplify how their new visual identity can be communicated on different platforms, including the design of a completely new website.

Role  Design and Art Direction

Client  Origo Group

Origo Group Logo Animation
Animal mockup outdoor 3
Cap mockup purple 2
Cap mockup purple
Visitkort Mock-Up

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