Coop wants to increase the sales of its organic food. In a time when most people talk about sustainability and eco, Coop turns the tables. By talking about its non-ecological assortment, Coop wants to normalize organic food and take the debate on eco and sustainability to a new level.

Prints will be added on billboards, public transportation and relevant news-papers, in order to get the message out there. Coop's non-ecologcial food will be labeled "non-ecologic" in their stores during one week at the launch of the campaign. The amount of organic food purchased by the customers is stated as a percentage on the checkout receipt.

On the campaign page coop.se/oekologiskt, there is an 'Ecometer' that displays the amount of organic food sold by product and Coop-store. By logging onto 'Mitt Coop', the customer receives individual statistics on purchased food and also advice on organic alternatives.

Role  Idea and Art Direction
Client  Coop (fictive)
Campaign  Oekologiskt
Team members  Julia Kihl Fridén (cw) and Linda Ljunggren Norberg (ad)
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Oekologiska Coop
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Martin Wiberg

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